The iliocapsularis may be one of the most difficult muscle to palpate, but it can be easy if the anatomy is clearly understood. First, locate the medial edge of the rectus femoris and shift it laterally, so that the finger tip can reach the lateral edge of the iliacus. Then, the move the finger laterally to palpate a branch of the femoral nerve. Careful not to press it as it causes pain. Once the nerve is shifted laterally, there is the iliocapsularis.

If the lateral edge of the iliocapsularis is paplated, slide the finger tip laterally to reach the femoral neck. Once the bone is felt, try to rub against the capsule medially so that the finger tip can reach beneath the iliocapusularis. It is not rare that there is adhesion between the muscle and capsule, and pain is reduced if the adhesion is successfully released.

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